You can get information about a given application as follow:

$ mse cloud status 4e3f9969-0fb3-45dd-a230-ef7b82d1f283

        Name        = float_average
        Version     = 1.0.0
        Domain name =
        Hardware    = 4g-eu-001
        Application = app:app
        MSE docker  =
        Healthcheck = /

Deployement status
        UUID               = 4e3f9969-0fb3-45dd-a230-ef7b82d1f283
        Certificate origin = self
        Enclave size       = 1024M
        Cores amount       = 1
        Created at         = 2022-11-17 09:04:17.414325+00:00
        Expires at         = 2022-11-18 09:04:17.414190+00:00 (-1 days remaining)
        Status             = running
        Online since       = 2022-11-17 09:04:34.043340+00:00

> Current metrics
        Average queue time    = 0.001s
        Average connect time  = 0.001s
        Average response time = 0.000s
        Average query time    = 0.002s
        Amount of connection  = 6
        CPU usage             = 0.01%
        FS usage              = 1.2MiB
        Input throughput      = 4.0KiB
        Output throughput     = 24.5KiB       

The status could have the following values: - spawning: the first status of a deploying app - initializing: the status of an app waiting for the key to decrypt the code or other secrets needed to be successfully run - running: the status of app running successfully - on_error: the status of an app stopped with a failure. It’s a terminal state. - stopped: the status of an app stopped without any errors. For example: when the expiration date is reached. It’s a terminal state.

The status command also prints instant metrics, measuring the network, CPU and filesystem usages.

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