APIs for Ubiquitous Encryption

Cosmian’s Ubiquitous Encryption provides security and performance everywhere and at all times.

Cosmian provides developer APIs in libraries and server components so that developers and data engineers can quickly and transparently implement ubiquitous encryption: data is encrypted everywhere and at all times:

  • At rest and during searching using flexible, secure, modern cryptographic primitives that allow application-level encryption with data partitioning, encrypted indexes and search queries, public key encryption, post-quantum resistance, attributes rotation, etc. See Cloudproof Encryption

  • In use while being processed by a confidential microservice (also encrypted !) in the cloud. See Microservice Encryption

Cryptography implies managing keys, and Cosmian provides a Key Management System with a modern KMIP 2.1 interface. Cosmian KMS can be used as a complete key management solution or to complement an existing enterprise KMS.

Get started immediately!

Cosmian server-side components, most notably the Secure KMS and Cosmian enclaves, are also offered as freemium, so you can get immediately started with implementing privacy by default.

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