APIs for End-to-end Encryption

Secure, Performant and Quantum Resistant End-to-End Encryption: protect your data everywhere at all times with next-generation encryption.

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Cosmian’s developer APIs, available in libraries and server components, empower developers and data engineers to seamlessly integrate end-to-end encryption, ensuring data remains encrypted at every stage:

  • Always Encrypted: Whether data is at rest or being searched, our advanced cryptographic tools offer application-level encryption. This includes features like data partitioning, encrypted indexes, search queries, public key encryption, post-quantum resistance, attribute rotation, and more. Dive deeper with Cosmian Zero Trust

  • Secure Processing: Even when in use, data is safeguarded. Experience our confidential microservice that processes data while remaining encrypted, even in the cloud. Discover more about Microservice Encryption and Cosmian for Confidential Computing

  • Key Management: encryption is only as strong as its key management. That’s why Cosmian offers a robust Key Management System equipped with the contemporary KMIP 2.1 interface. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive key management solution or aiming to enhance your existing enterprise KMS with Cosmian KMS

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