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Secure Data and Applications with Next-Generation Cryptography

Cosmian provides readily available, easy to use software components, based on next-generation cryptography to secure data and applications in all environments, from the cloud to the edge.

This is the technical documentation

This site provides the technical documentation of the components. It provides information for technical users, architects to developers.

The documentation is divided in six main sections:

  1. Architecturing security of data and applications with a mapping of threats to solutions and a review of common architecture uses cases.
  2. Encrypting data using client-side and application-level encryption:
    • Cosmian Covercrypt: protect-data with the latest post-quantum encryption, access control and traceable keys.
    • Cosmian FPE: selectively encrypt data while preserving the data format with format preserving encryption
  3. Anonymizing clear-text data with Cosmian Anonymization
  4. Searching encrypted data with Cosmian Findex: run encrypted queries on an encrypted index
  5. Computing over encrypted data:

    • Understanding the security models and use cases of Cosmian’s Verifiable Confidential Computing solutions
    • Cosmian VM: quickly secure data in any running application in the cloud.
    • Cosmian Enclave (formerly MSE): protects algorithms and data in the cloud and on 3rd party premises with maximum security.
  6. Managing key with Cosmian KMS: a modern, open-source, highly-scalable key management system that is KMIP 2.1 compliant.

Try the interactive tutorial

If you want to see our technology in action and “play” with it, please visit our Interactive Tutorial

Interactive Tutorial

For pricing, check the website

For pricing information, general information on Cosmian and its products, please visit our website

All our code is open-sourced on GitHub

All our code is open source and available on GitHub

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