Objects Tagging

The Cosmian KMS server supports the tagging of objects. Tags are arbitrary strings that can be attached to objects. Tags can be used to group objects together, and to find objects for most operations, such as export, import, encrypt, decrypt, etc.

In addition, the KMS server will automatically add a system tag to objects based on the object type:

  • _sk: for a private key
  • _pk: for a public key
  • _kk: for a symmetric key
  • _uk: for a Covercrypt user decryption key
  • _cert: for a X509 certificate

Since there is no provision in the KMIP 2.1 specification for tagging. The Cosmian KMS server implements tagging using the following KMIP 2.1 extensions:

  1. When Attributes are passed as part of the KMIP operation, such as in the Create, Create Key Pair, Locate, Certify and Import operations, the tags are passed as VendorAttributes with the vendor identification Cosmian and attribute name tag. The value is the serialization of the tags as a JSON array of strings.

  2. When unique identifiers are passed as part of the KMIP operation, such as in the Certify, Encrypt, Export, Decrypt, Get, Get Attributes, Revoke, and Destroy operations, the tags are in the unique identifier itself as a serialized JSON array e.g. [ "tag1", "tag2" ].


Export the Symmetric key (tag _kk) with user tag myTag:

  "tag": "Export",
  "type": "Structure",
  "value": [
      "tag": "UniqueIdentifier",
      "type": "TextString",
      "value": "[\"_kk\",\"myTag\"]"
      "tag": "KeyFormatType",
      "type": "Enumeration",
      "value": "AsRegistered"

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