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Enabling TLS

The server can serve requests using either plaintext HTTP or HTTPS.

When running in a zero-trust environment, the KMS server should be started using HTTPS. Check the running in a zero-trust environment section for more information.

To enable TLS, one can provide certificates on the command line interface.

Providing certificates

The key and full certificate chain must be available in a PKCS#12 format.

There are 2 ways to provide the PKCS#12 file to the server:

  • using the KMS server start command line --https-p12-file and --https-p12-password options
  • setup certificates on the Cosmian VM

Configuring HTTPS via the command line

Specify the certificate name and mount the file to docker.

Say the certificate is called, is protected by the password myPass, and is in a directory called /certificate on the host disk.

docker run --rm -p 443:9998 \
  -v /certificate/ \
  --name kms \
  --database-type=mysql \
  --database-url=mysql://mysql_server:3306/kms \ \

Generate a PKCS#12 from PEM files

To generate a PKCS12 from PEM files, you can use openssl:

openssl pkcs12 -export \
-in \
-inkey \

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