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Deploying in single server mode

The single server mode uses an embedded SQLite database stored on a filesystem and therefore does not require access to an external database.

Although it does not provide high availability through redundancy, this configuration is suitable for production and serving millions of cryptographic objects. The server will concurrently serve requests on as many threads as available cores to the docker container.

This configuration also supports user encrypted databases, a secure way to store cryptographic objects since database keys are provisioned on every request, and no database key is stored server side. To offer a fully secure solution suitable for deployment in a zero-trust environment such as the cloud, TLS must be enabled on the server, and the memory of the KMS server must also be protected during operation by running the server inside an enclave. Ask Cosmian for details.

Quick start

To run in single server mode, using the defaults, run the container as follows:

docker run -p 9998:9998 --name kms

The KMS will be available on http://localhost:9998, and the server will store its data inside the container in the /root/cosmian-kms/sqlite-data directory.

Persisting data between restarts

To persist data between restarts, map the /root/cosmian-kms/sqlite-data path to a filesystem directory or a Docker volume, e.g. with a volume named cosmian-kms:

docker run --rm -p 9998:9998 \
  -v cosmian-kms:/root/cosmian-kms/sqlite-data \
  --name kms

Using client-side encrypted databases

To start the KMS server with a client-side encrypted SQLite databases, pass the --database-type=sqlite-enc on start, e.g.

docker run --rm -p 9998:9998 \
  -v cosmian-kms:/root/cosmian-kms/sqlite-data \
  --name kms \

Important: encrypted databases must be created first

Before using an encrypted database, you must create it by calling the POST /new_database endpoint. The call will return a secret

ckms new-database

 curl -X POST https://my-server:9998/new_database
The secret is the value between the quotes "".

⚠️ This secret is only displayed once and is not stored anywhere on the server.

⚠️ Each call to new_database will create a new additional database. It will not return the secret of the last created database, and it will not overwrite the last created database.

Once an encrypted database is created, the secret must be passed in every subsequent query to the KMS server. Passing the correct secret “auto-selects” the correct encrypted database: multiple encrypted databases can be used concurrently on the same KMS server.

The secret must be set in kms_database_secret property of the CLI kms.json configuration file.

        "kms_server_url": "https://my-server:9998",
        "kms_database_secret": "eyJncm91cF9pZCI6MzE0ODQ3NTQzOTU4OTM2Mjk5OTY2ODU4MTY1NzE0MTk0MjU5NjUyLCJrZXkiOiIzZDAyNzg3YjUyZGY5OTYzNGNkOTVmM2QxODEyNDk4YTRiZWU1Nzc1NmM5NDI0NjdhZDI5ZTYxZjFmMmM0OWViIn0="

The secret must be passed using a KmsDatabaseSecret HTTP header, e.g.

    curl \

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