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Logging and telemetry

By default the Cosmian KMS server outputs logs to the console with a log level of INFO. You can change the log level and send traces to an OpenTelemetry collector.

Adjusting the log level

The log level can be adjusted by setting the RUST_LOG environment variable. The following log levels are available: trace, debug, info, warn, error.

The default value is set to


The first info specifies the default log level for the crates (packages) that compose the server. Other log levels can be set for specific crates by adding the crate name followed by the log level.

To get detailed logs of user requests, set the log level of cosmian_kms_server to debug:


To debug HTTP issues, set the log level of actix_web to debug:


WARNING: Setting the log level to debug or trace may leak sensitive information in the logs

Using the OTLP telemetry

The server can send traces to an OpenTelemetry collector that supports the OTLP protocol. To enable this feature, set the --otlp command line argument or KMS_OTLP_URL environment variable to the URL of the collector. For example:


The traces will contain the following information:

  • the start configuration of the KMS server
  • the KMIP requests
  • the requests linked to access-rights management

The content of the traces is adjusted by the log level set above.

In addition, logs to the console can be disabled by setting the --quiet command line argument or KMS_LOG_QUIET environment variable to true.

To test the OpenTelemetry collector, start a Jaeger server with the following command:

docker run  -p16686:16686 -p4317:4317 -e COLLECTOR_OTLP_ENABLED=true jaegertracing/all-in-one:latest

Then start the KMS locally with the following command:

./cosmian_kms_server --otlp http://localhost:4317 --quiet

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