FIPS mode

Cosmian KMS has a build option, called the FIPS mode, to ensure the KMS only uses cryptographic primitives that are compliant with the standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and uses implementations of a NIST FIPS 140-3 compliant cryptographic module.

When built using this mode, the KMS will be produced as a binary, statically linked to an OpenSSL library (also in FIPS mode), that will only contain compliant algorithms and primitives. The Cryptographic algorithms page specifies the list of NIST compliant algorithms available in this mode.

OpenSSL in FIPS mode, operated on certain operating systems, is part of the list of FIPS compliant cryptographic modules; the full list can be searched here. Cosmian recommends using the OpensSSL 3.1 library on Red Hat Linux 9 or Ubuntu 22.04 to fully meet future NIST compliance requirements.

Cosmian produces pre-built FIPS mode binaries and docker containers of the KMS. Alternatively, to build the FIPS mode version from source, use the --features fips flag when building the project:

cargo build --release --features fips

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