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S/MIME certificate guidelines



Import custom root CA

  • Run
  • insert fullchain.pem (not reversed_fullchain.pem) in in S/MIME parameters

Import wrapped private key

Prepare keys for [email protected]

First, import the AES wrapping key (will wrap the RSA private key): cd target/debug ./ckms login ./ckms sym keys import -t google_cse ../../documentation/docs/google_cse/17fd53a2-a753-4ec4-800b-ccc68bc70480.demo.key.json ./ckms rsa keys import -f pem ../../crate/server/src/routes/google_cse/python/openssl/blue.key -t gmail_blue ./ckms rsa keys export -t gmail_blue -w google_cse pk_blue -f raw base64 -w 0 pk_blue base64 -w 0 pk_blue> ../../documentation/docs/google_cse/blue_wrapped_private_key + update private key file [email protected]

And (re)create keypair and identity for blue:

Credentials google-idp-for-cse-service-account.json comes from gcloud console.

python delete_identity –creds ~/Downloads/google-idp-for-cse-service-account.json –userid [email protected] –kpemail [email protected] python insert_keypair –creds ~/Downloads/google-idp-for-cse-service-account.json –inkeydir wrapped_key_blue –incertdir openssl

Identifier ANe1BmjuVbx_2NgxOGMP8SJYC2JeisywF9qvfTITKZ9mpM4yA1O5i8o comes from insert_keypair output command.

python insert_identity –creds ~/Downloads/google-idp-for-cse-service-account.json –userid [email protected] –kpid “ANe1BmjuVbx_2NgxOGMP8SJYC2JeisywF9qvfTITKZ9mpM4yA1O5i8o” –kpemail [email protected]

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