Deploying cryptography implies managing key.

Cosmian offers a Secure Key Management System (KMS) which can be run on-premise or used as a SaaS offering on the Cosmian public platform.

Use the Saas version today!

Cosmian server side components, most notably the Secure KMS and Cosmian enclaves, are also offered as freemium SaaS on the Cosmian public platform so you can get immediately started with implementing privacy by default.

The Saas Secure KMS components, server and databases, are run in enclaves to protect all cryptographic materials and all operations performed on them.

Create a free account at https://console.cosmian.com

The Cosmian KMS offers a KMIP 2.1 interface and supports a wide range of modern cryptographic primitives.

It is built in Rust for performance and can easily be scaled horizontally.

Cosmian KMS can also be run in Cosmian enclaves, making it a fully secure solution that can be deployed in Zero Trust environment such as a Public Cloud.

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